Pixels+fibre video work Video Graffiti: The Feminine Undelineated was selected for participation in the 2016 Athens Video Art Festival. The work is included in the annual bilingual ADAF catalogue and a digital copy can be found here (pg 176).

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival annual catalogue


FILE 2016 have produced a bilingual publication which showcases the selected works for FILE Video Art at Fiesp Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Pixels+fibre had the pleasure of participating with the video work (My) Space I. A digital copy of this catalogue is available for download on the festival’s online archive page (pg 133).

New Weave – A pixel+fibre Hybridisation

From the exhibition catalogue for FLUX at Moana Project Space Perth, November 2015
Pixels+fibre weave a multidimensional tapestry of media, processes and ideas that cannot be contained to any one domain or indeed locale. Their work moves akin to refracting light, its beams bouncing between platforms. Pixels+fibre’s adaptation to a white cube is like a brief pause before their frenetic trajectory once again folds back into itself, voluntarily unraveling to the cusp of disappearance, before imaginatively reemerging elsewhere. In blurring performance art, relational aesthetics, installation and film, the inner workings of pixels+fibre’s creative processes are exposed; in this way, the dissolution of one media heightens the visibility of its overlaid counterparts. Over the course of a pixels+fibre performance, two-dimensional threads are built up and, in time, are rendered three-dimensional, courtesy of Gavino’s craftsmanship. Instantaneous with this progression, Angelouli’s lens translates the live action into the realm of the digital, immortalising the ephemeral.” Kate Alida Mullen, founding Director of Moana Project Space
Catalogue electronic version: New Weave – A pixel+fibre Hybridisation

Myrto Angelouli, Fiona Gavino, Collapsed Pixel II (detail) 2015, image credit: Guy Louden

Artlink Magazine, Contemporary Art of Australia and the Asia-Pacific

Article on the pixels+fibre homonymous exhibition at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin 2014 (Vol34 #2, 2014, Pg 120)

“This is a clever work that perfectly captures the essence of what the pixels+fibre duo set out to accomplish by seamlessly blending their respective ideas and technological talents. The exhibition confirms what we already know, that traditional and digital techniques, often wrongly typified as incompatible, offer artists interesting creative tools for the creation of new and exciting artistic pathways.” Margie West