2015 Collapsed Pixel II


Collapsed Pixel II, projection mapping installation | packing tape, wood, acrylic paint, looped single channel video projection, recorded sounds, variable dimensions

“In the case of Collapsed Pixel II, video mapping has been used to frame a montage of Angelouli’s film work around the irregular geometrical form of a granulated, blown up pixel made up of dispersing triangular planes. The motion picture is comprised of Angelouli’s candid observations of elements interacting in varied states of flux: light dancing upon water’s surface; a flurry of moths animated by a lone globe; the smoke of a dusk bushfire collecting between silhouetted trees. This is literally inserted onto the surface of the sculpture in-situ so that the art object and the rituals that birthed it are merged into one inseparable entity. Their interdependency is such that the meaning and form of the film and sculpture are read as one. This marks Collapsed Pixel’s second incarnation in an undetermined series; pixels+fibre see no project as finite. In a continuing thread that denies stagnancy, each manifestation is intently reviewed, rehashed and re-appropriated ahead of its next life.” Kate Alida Mullen, founding Director of Moana Project Space

From the pixels+fibre Flux exhibition catalogue at Moana Project Space Perth, November 2015

Collapsed Pixel II, Moana Project Space from PIXELS+FIBRE on Vimeo.