The Pixels+Fibre project is a collaboration between artists Fiona Gavino and Myrto Angelouli, initiated to explore the possibilities of combining the ancient techniques of weaving with the contemporary arts of digital imagery. The opportunity was presented with their year-long artist residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre (Moores Studios Program) in 2013-2014. Since then, the duo’s work has been selected for solo and group exhibitions and installations within Australia and for participation in a number of international video and digital art festivals.

Fiona Gavino with Australian, Filipino & Maori heritage is naturally interested in and influenced by working with the methodology of fusions. Her art practice thrives on the boundaries of existing paradigms; her artwork belongs neither to the world of textile art or basketry but more to the realm of sculpture. In 2014 Gavino was awarded an Asialink Residency were she spent three months in the Philippines. She returned to Manila in 2015 for a solo show at the Cultural Centre of the Philippines.

Myrto Angelouli (Australia, Greece) is a media artist with a background in film/video production, production and interior design. Her background gives the team a strong and broad set of tools, put to use for experimentation and expression of ideas. In her art practice she likes to investigate unorthodox video editing, projection art and sculptural weaving techniques.

The intention is to create a dynamic relationship of thinking and working across aspects of each others art and design practices as well as to create a space where old ideas can be exchanged and new ideas born.