Video Graffitti: The Feminine Undelineated

The Feminine Undelineated is a reference to the stereotypical and unimaginative misrepresentation of femininity in our patriarchal societies today and throughout history. A matter which is considered over-debated, a taboo and a conversation breaker but is as contemporary as ever due to the omnipresent media.

The mirrored footage of a woman (Gavino) weaving on an urban rooftop, at times creates patterns that resemble female genitalia. In this way, the artist seems to be ‘reweaving the feminine’ in a metaphorical effort to depict what being feminine signifies from a woman’s point of view.

The work initiates a series of video graffiti by the pixels+fibre duo (Myrto Angelouli & Fiona Gavino); single-channel looped videos, without audio that will work as an animated graffiti. The artists imagine the works projected on selected buildings in urban locations, preferably occupying an architectural interstice, giving it new materiality and helping it get rediscovered.

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Single-channel, high definition digital video, looped, colour, no sound

Sculpture, performance: Fiona Gavino

Director, editor: Myrto Angelouli

Camera: Elliot Welsford

Shot in Fremantle, Western Australia


Athens Digital Art Festival 2016

Moana Project Space as part of the pixels+fibre ‘Flux’ exhibition 2015

© pixels+fibre 2015

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